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Rôti de poitrine de porc | Moyenne 1kg

17,35 CHFPrix
  • Unless specifically otherwise agreed, our products are shipped either fresh or frozen by overnight post to your address, and delivered between 07:00 and 09:00 unless alternative arrangements are made. We will contact you to confirm the date before shipping.


    • The products are vacuum sealed and placed, together with ice packs, in a thermal bag and a box.
    • Wors, sausages and pies may come from frozen stock and could arrive semi-defrosted.  
    • We will dispatch your order on the agreed day if confirmation of payment is received.    
    • I am not responsible for products that go off because of a delay in paying.                            
    • MP outsources all postal deliveries to La Poste (the Swiss national postal operation)
    • All deliveries are scheduled to arrive at the delivery address, registered online at the time of your order, before 12 midday, on the agreed day.
    • In the event of “no reply”, a La Poste “Invitation à retirer un envoi” slip shall be left in the mailbox. The goods shall be taken to the nearest La Poste collection depot.
    • Once we dispatch the goods and hand it over the Post, all risk of damage to, or loss of the goods shall pass to you.

    MP does not accept responsibility for any orders that are delivered late or not delivered at all, as this responsibility is out of our control.
    This particular delivery service is not available on Sunday or on Public Holidays, and sometimes not in some villages on a Saturday either. It is your responsibility to advise us of any such non-delivery days.

  • Je sais que vous aimerez cette viande fraîche autant que nous. En fait, si pour une raison quelconque vous n'êtes pas entièrement satisfait, nous vous rembourserons intégralement et donnerons l'équivalent à un organisme de bienfaisance de votre choix.

    Une fois que nous expédions la marchandise et la remettons à la Poste, tous les risques d'endommagement ou de perte de la marchandise vous sont transférés.